Monday, October 29, 2007


Ainsi va la vie , God always calls early the GREAT ONES..!!

They always have to go early..Lucky Dube was born in 1964 in South Africa. He was mainly raised by his beloved grandmother while his mother who separated from his father worked.

She gave him a great education and the great value system which dictated the way he lived his life.

Lucky came from a poor rural family and understood very quickly the value of education. While at school he found music and joined his cousin band "The Love Brothers" which was playing Mbaquanga (Zulu pop). Around the same time he discovered reggae and its socio/political messages.

It's only 1984 under the encouragements of his friend and sound engineer Dave Segal that Lucky will decide to switch to English lyrics and to send his message of peace out there.

He used his voice to speak against apartheid..of course the album was banned..and just like any great thing in life success didn't come right away..
A year later, while he was still persevering, his album Think about the children became platinum and that was it Lucky Dube became a "musical messiah" encouraging his people to stand up for themselves.People knew him everywhere, from SA, to Togo, to Senegal, to the name it he became Internationally known and respected.

Over his 25 years in the Music industry he picked up too many awards for me to name them all, his last album which was released this year called "Respect"maybe symbolises what we feel for him RESPECT...SADNESS.....

If you don't know, Lucky was killed last week after dropping his children to their uncle's house, it is believed that they knew who he was , and shot him purposely in his car.

But you know what he didn't die in vain,
those hijackers brought even more international attention to the growing problem of hijacking, gangs in South Africa..

Now that they've touched 1 of the Greatest..this problem will have to stop..(have 2 do a post about violence in South Africa)

Lucky Dube leaves 1 wife and 2 children and a legacy that will never die behind.
If you would like to leave a message to his family and fans , please go to:

the official webbie will be:

Here's Lucky in concert:

Lucky Dube May You Rest In Peace!
Eyee Wayee!!

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Hi Yaye! Keep doing what you do and keep doing it well!!! Still loving your page.
I wanted to bring to your attention Binto ware, a Sahel Opera, the first ever! Maybe you've heard about it already...just thought I could share.