Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Very Jazzy lookin on this pic

The trio performing

Hey jazz singers can do 1 , 2 step too:)

lol..okay Mina

Haven't got the chance to listen to this songstress, half french/half Beninese ..but I've heard and read great things about her. She actually went for theater for undergrad until 1 day she was mesmerized by the sound of 1 saxophonist player..mind you that she's never sang that genre-she fell in love w/music and knew from that point on that she was made to be jazz singer.
Mina is called by experts and critics 1 prodigy and is known for her theatrical presentation, some people go even as far saying that she's those studies did pay off.
In the world of jazz the fact that she's only backed by 1 percussionist and 1 bass player is called bold because there's no much music covering your mistakes..
Jazz is a genre that's a bit difficult because it's all about emotions that you convey..they could lead you either 2 1 beautiful high or low note, and they could also lead you to sounding like a frog....

Her repertoire is a bit tainted by the legacy of Jimmy Hendrix which songs she re-makes ...

One of her albums is called "EZ Pass to Brooklyn" and it's kinda rough, raw, edgy as NY.
She's won couple of awards, and received 1 4*note from Jazzman...ect...
Quite interesting ,I'll def check her out.

Here's her official webbie:
Here's 1 video:

Djaa my people from Benin are doin' it hun:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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