Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hakeem has 1 of those faces that when you see , u feel like you are familiar w/his features.

I had to think for 1 sec' and when I did my research I do now recall where from.

He played the criminal war leader George Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda (yeah Hakeem plays a lot of villain characters w/great conviction actually).
You may also have seen him in Pirates of the Caraibain II, he's also set to play in Part III.

He also played in the critically acclaimed movie "God is African" an African movie which he produced as well. Seeing the booming Nollywood industry, he saw 1 great opportunity to give back to his country through his skills.

He's South African and mainly resides in London w/his 2 children and wifey.Hakeem seems pretty active within the Pan-African movie culture. He perfected his craft at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where he received the Best Student Award..(he's so sincerious!!lol)

Hakeem also shows what he's made of in theater playing in King Lear ,Richard III ..etc..

Here is Hakeem in the movie "The Djinn" (which I gotta see)

Here's his webbie:

Djaa my South African men are so sincerious:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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