Wednesday, October 17, 2007


May He Rest in Peace...

I cannot do him justice in this piece because he's a
human Egyptian library ..period!!

Naguib made it his mission to recount Egypt's history from scratch, he wrote countless books on the matter;hist first work was called "Old Egypt"was written in 1932...long long time ago before most of us were born.

Thus started the Naguib Mahfouz legacy of historical, social, pieces on his culture, whether appreciated or not by the Conservative Islamic Society , Naguib didn't slow down .

Some of his work have been adapted to tv and movies in the Arabic world, his movies and books center also around the notion of evil and good, around the pain and lives of women.
In some of his work he even bring up religious particular in the banned book "Children of Gebelawi"....
He was an avant-gardiste, a man without fear...I can respect that...!!
He also stood up for peace bwt Israel, Egypt...
He won in 2006 the Nobel Prize of Litterature, that didn't stop some people from hating him.
He was stabbed at the age of of 82 outside of his home by an Islamic extremist, he survived it but will day a bit later from other medical conditions.
When he was alive, he enjoyed friends at coffee shops and reading....
There's so much more to his legacy, I will let you discover on your own...

Here's 1 video by BBC about his legacy:

Here's his page /Nobel Prize

Egyptian History is Amzing:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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