Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Pardon!! fait trop plaisir 2 see 1 Galsen brotha playing new soul meets folk/roots music stylo...I'm feeling you bro w/your short cropped fro' and the guitar in your hands talking being crazy in love in the song "Fou de toi" and making what it do..the grown ups will know what I'm talking about in the song "Faisons l'Amour"

I don't know how his boldness and frankness where accepted in his Senegalese family..but I gotta admit that I find it quite refreshing..

so allez les Lions (our Senegalese national team )..Jean Racine was born in Senegal, and moved to France to study law before he was called to sing...and it all happened en 1 clin d'oeil ..

His AHA Moment as my girl Oprah would say happened one night..while he was strolling the streets of Paris, he was intrigued by 1 man who was singing "No Woman, No Cry"by Bob Marley..a sudden desire to join in...and he was bitten by the singing syndrome...

Homeboy spent a long time singing in the streets of Paris and working on his demo until it fell into the laps of the label Roy Music..and this is it Jean Racine is now working w/Lenny Kravitz and Vanessa Paradis producer Henry Hirsch.

For someone who was set into becoming a lawyer....his wishes are granted ..he's defending the right for us to be our authentic selves..I think that it's a very honorable thing to do ..wouldn't u agree:)

For those in Paris , you can check him out tomorrow Cafe de la Danse (have no idea where that is..but humm..yeah)

On Nov'11 th-Brest France
On Nov'30th-Arles France
On Nov'31st-Strasbourg

Here's his blog (I'm sure that he's working on a webbie)

Here's 1 video (oh and homeboy on French national tv as well)

Djaa my Senegalese people sont dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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