Wednesday, October 10, 2007


A Strong woman

Pics courtesy of Actions-solidaire

Waouh, she's just one of those amazing women that doesn't let anything stop from accomplishing her social mission. She was born in lovely Bamako in 1947 where she lived and probably absorbed and observed all of the social inequalities that were taking place in this country. She met her hubby and lived in Abidjan for 1 good while a little by accident-because she was only going to visit a friend of hers when love knocked at her door. ..

In Abidjan she was nominated as 1 PNUD coordinator for 1 project which much emphasis on development of women economically. Aminata holds both a doctorate in psychology and another in psychopathology.

She was also the former Minister of Tourism in Mali, what I read about her stay in government was a bit disturbing -some people criticized her and accused of being a shark and stealing $$, using the mullah towards her own benefits and some others praise her as a woman who believed and lived in her country..

Whatever the case all I know is that she's 1 woman who encourages her people through her writing, through her social initiatives such as her webbie
"Le Forum pour 1 autre Mali"who encourages her people to believe and know who they are as Malian citizens.
She doesn't really believe in globalization, she thinks that Westerners ideas and strategies for success are not suitable to us..
For those of you who will be in December in Mali maybe you should check her social initiative
"Migrances 2007"where she invited professionals, intellectuals, artists to share and learn from each other.

What else can I say about her, she was also in the movie "Bamako".. if you haven't seen yet , you have 2....

Mostly I am left w/the impression of 1 wise woman who've seen it all, know what she's talking abt, breathe , live....furthermore live in her country. A woman whose struggle is to see her country move forward, be proud , be "digne"

Here's her webbie:

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