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I'm just finding out about this wonderful couple that fought along the side of Nelson Mandela to end apartheid...Mr Nelson Mandela always say that he's just the face of the ANC but there are many, many more courageous South African people that need 2 be recognised as well....

Among them, is the Sisulu couple, I found that Walter who was half White and Black was the one who enrolled Mandela w/the ANC.... Walter was the first Secretary General of the ANC, he was known for being the link that kept the harmony btw the ANC militants. Mandela remenbers him as being a very humble man who never opursued recognition, he was just happy standing up for what he believed in.
He was arrested over 6 times before spending 26 years on Robben Island..

His wife Albertina was also a militant, her first vocation was 2 be a nun, but her family poverty forced her to work as nurse ..Along w/her hubby she fought in her own ways, by implemeting new scial reforms that would help women and chi
ldren. She's remenbered for taking a part in the famous Women's March in Pretoria.. Her and Walter only spent 9 years together solely but their love and friendship remained intact, they kept during Walter's stay on Robben Island , a regular correspondence...which was showcased by the Nelson Mandela Foundation a couple of weeks ago.
Mrs Albertina Sisulu also founded a community in Pretoria with a school for children in need, nutritional and social programs which fit these children needs and1 recreational facility for the aged. Walter and Albertina have 9 children together,who also fought against apartheid as well, some went to jail and some publishing some writing denouncing apartheid.
One of their daughters in law wrote 1 book about their phenomenal courageous life called: Walter & Albertina Sisulu -In Our Lifetime.

Here's an interview of the Sisulus in 1996:

Here's a complete biograpy of the Sisulu Couple:
The Albertina Sisulu Foundation webbie is :
The Nelson Mandela Foundation's webbie is:

Djaa we need 2 know more about our African Leaders:)

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