Friday, April 18, 2008


Reppin all day every day in his traditional gear! those were those BET Comedy club night sessions during those college days..No doubt that this Ghanaian brotha is hilarious, w/his infectious smile, the dashikis, his African accent, the jokes abt our culture..dude is making sure that we African people are no ignored in America..

At most events, you can Michael w/his mini fro, sunglasses and some bazin boubous.... Brotha was bright , when he moved to America around 13 years old, he was often teased ...and well today he's using these jokes 2 make madd money in the States..

I found out on his webbie that he was younger he travelled w/his mother who was a missionary...interesting backgroung mostly now that we know that he curses in his routine..
He got his big break, 1 night at a comedy club when Ice Cube was coming 2 see Mike E., he was blown away by this brotha's talent and hired to play in Next Friday...from there people recognized the humorous timing of this brotha... He also appeared in the Bad Boy Comedy Club, he has a couple of movies coming up this year...

Watch him perform here: His official webbie is the following:

Djaa my Ghanaian brothas are hilarious:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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