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Le Soninke aux yeux bride

Mokobe & Dj Lewis
U know!

Ah noooo... as far as French/West African hip hop , Mokobe killed the game in 2007.....
I've been meaning to post about it..but after seeing his new video for Mali his homecountry..I was like oh hell to the no , no he didn't ....!!!
The video was pure red pepper ..not because of the cinematographic quality of the images rather because of the message of pride he gave to his land..anyways Malians are known for staying in tune w/their culture and for being proud people..but just 2 hear Salif Keita singing beautifully..seeing kids screaming
MALI , MALI..images of local Malian stars such as Oumou Sangare, Toumani Diabate..Ali Farka Toure..ect ..@ the end of the video I was clapping lol...
Just a little recap abt Mokobe's life as an artist..he was and still is a part of hip hop trio 113, which was really popular in the nineties for their denunciation of discrimination agaisnt minorities in France...

The group is still very much so together, but decided to explore their individual creativity, Rim -K who's reppin Maroc, has an album out at this moment... Mokobe wanted in his album "Mon Afrique", "My Africa" sing about our earth mother-Mama Africa, he got the chance 2 sing besides so many artists such as Fally Ipupa, Oumou Sangarwe, Salif Keita, Viviane Ndour, Le Molare, Dj Lewis, Diams, Gohou, Patson...ect..

if you haven't listened to this album, please do it's def' a classic...he really worked very hard and his passion for our continent is so contagious...I love him and respect him as an artist... Here are some of the videos that u have 2 check:

Mali Forever Bisou (w/Dj Lewis from Ivory Coast)
On est Ensemble ( w/la Jet Set)
1 Gaou Oran (When Mali meets North Afrika)
Safari (w/Viviane N'dour from Senegal)
C'est dans la Joie (w/the comedian Patson)
Nuit de Flammes (w/Diams)
Malembe (w/Fally Ipupa in concert)

Here's le Sonkine aux yeux brides official webbie:


Eyeeee Wayeee:)

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