Saturday, April 26, 2008


Maria's life is the story of perseverance , determination, self confidence and strength. She was born in a poor village in Maputo, as a little girl she was gifted in sports .. her first passion was soccer but there were not too many girls leagues ...thus she found herself playing along the side of boys..that didn't always go smoothly...other teams were not too happy 2 see a girl beat them @ a sport usually reserved to males... When she was 15 years old, the poet Jose Craveirinha amazed by her potential convinced her that her career was in athletics..She wasn't too excited by the intense daily training required at first and thought she would rather be on the fielb running after 1 ball.. But after months of training,she ran her first Olympique 800 m course in 1988..she was only 15... Btwn 1988 and 2008 she's managed to win 19 medals..and please count in several gold medals at the World Indoor Championship, Commonwealth Games & Olympic Games..

She's the pride of her country, and following her father's advice she never accepted to drop her Mozambican nationality ...rather she made it a point to show to her people and the rest world what Mozambican people are capable of doing ...:) Besides winning medals, she's also been an hononary youth Ambassador w/the United Nations, w/her Fondation Maria supported the financing of a track field, she's also campaigned against polio ans measles...brought attention to HIV prevention...bref Maria is a hard working woman who never forgot where she came from... She has stated that this year will be her last year in tracks, she feels fulfilled and ready to turn the page...In 2005 she suffered a great deal of injuries but came back w/a vengeance in 2006 when she won the Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games...

She's remenbered in sports history as the main woman winner of the 800m because of her consistency at being a champion ....

Here's her webbie:
You can see her running here at the famous 2000 Olympique Games:

Djaa my Mozambican sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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