Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Looking like a real African we are so beautiful!!

I always hear Tyra talking about how 1 great neck is important for pics..Helen shouldn't have 1 problem then
Doin charity work w/Namibian children
Freedom is 1 beautiful thing

African sista reppin for Namibian Beauty

I love the fact that this Namibian beauty is very comitted to helping children in need. You know how like pageants contestants always have some big ideals and some major life missions that only sound good but that they don't always pursue...well this African beauty is really serious about putting her skills she obtained while studying for a diploma in Project Management, Her current academic goal include pursuing an MA in Couselling.

Helen has always been into helping others and beauty pageants...she was a
youth activist and has participated in youth activism programs in Normay and her native Namibia...

Over the years she has won several awards in the beauty world, among them she was crowned as the Miss Millenium Miss Namibia in 2000 and in
2006 she was the 2nd runner up in the Miss Malaika UK contest...
She's also involved w/a lot of charity work that the gov'especially the Namibian First Lady Meme Kovambo hosts...

Namibian organizations never hesitate to reach out to her...which proves to me that they recognise her integrity ...She seems sincere in her desire to help others..and just for that she's 1 Miss in my Fabulafricana Women book:)

Here's the Foundation she's working with that helps Namibian children w/heart problems:

Here's her personal webbie:

Djaa my Namibian Sistas sont dedans aussi:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)

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