Sunday, April 27, 2008


Some of the political views of this woman are really questionable, but for being from African origins and being in the Government of an European country it's still important 2 talk about this woman:(... Nyamko was born in Burundi to parents who are orginally from Zaire, her dad was in political exhile in Burundi. After her obtention of a law degree, Nyamko moved to Sweden 2 pursue a media and communication degree n in Stockholm . There, she got involved in politics after the killing of an Ivoirian brotha by a Swedish neo-nazi.. Her parents are from # faiths, her dad is Christian while her mother is Muslim..this is kinda where I have a problem w/ would think that being born within an interfaith marriage she would have greater compassion and respect to Muslims..but her political agenda doesn't indicate that rather...she called for a ban of hijab for young girls under 15,the mandatory medical cheking of girls to prove and fight genital mutilation... To Swedish imigrants she says:
“If they want to live here, have kids, have grandchildren, they must make an effort to adapt to the society where they live.” mmmm I'm not gonna write what I really wanna say but F...... Give us a break, everybody has their own situation, their own stories...not everybody like her came around 12 years was able to go to school, have the proper legal paperwork..maybe if her story was different she wouldn't give us the same speech..

No wonder why Swedish imigrants who are for the most part Muslims dislike her and would like for to be history within the gov'... And she's not done here's another one her statement
“Practicing Muslims who live by the word of the Koran and the Koranic books — of course they limit their own opportunities,” who are u to say that?

It's like she would like for an entire country to live according to her own religious and social preferences...Of course she's not married to an African brotha but to a Swedish man...nothing against my Swedish men but I knew that no African brotha would deal w/such nonsense...

And what kills me is that just like the journalist said in the Ny Times profile, this would encourage division and discrimination..ah non!
I'll stop it here..can't do it...but here's more : Swedish Gov' webbie:

Eyee Wayee:(

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Miriam said...

She reminds me of Ayaan Hirsi. There's such a bitterness in her eyes. Man, it's great she got where she is now. It's great that she gained success through perseverance and hard work but her intolerance is a huge turn off. Maybe she seeks to turn away from her culture. Her policies, her suggestions, her comments are divisive and she shouldn't be surprised to find herself an outsider from the African community. Not proud of her all all!