Sunday, April 20, 2008


Resume Version Francaise: Fode Baro est 1 natif de Kankan 1 region de la Guinee, a travers 1 son zouk et des paroles en Mandingue il devient l'ambassadeur de la musique guineene dans le monde, son parcours a ete semer d'embuches, il est issu d'une grande famille noble de marabouts qui bien sur n'ont pas vu de bon oeil son amour pour la musique, mais comme tout battant , il s'est battu et voila qu'aujourdhui la Guinee lui reconait enfin sa place au milieu des grands de la musique Guineene.

Just had 2 share this song by Guinean artist Fode Baro...could'nt find his official his camp...shame on y'all , Fode is too talented not to be e-represented!!:(

Anywhoo this song "Yanfante"is the zouk song of the moment that's killing people in Senegal and Guinea currently..It's really refreshing to have another
Afro-zouk singer out there, we all know Gabonese Olivier Ngoma or Monique Seka from Ivory now add a new name to the list...

He has quite an interesting story, he comes from a Noble Guinean Family of religious leaders,he was abandoned by his family when he decided that he wanted 2 become a musician.Ironically he wasn't also accepted by the griots who felt that music was 1 sector reserved solely 2 them, Fode never let go of his dreams..that took him everywhere in the world.

He played the bass for Myriam Makebe's daughter until after her death... Years later after couple of albums , he's finally recognised in his native Guinea as a great singer that brought new lovers of Mandigua music..see usually Guinean music is a bit more traditional so it's really hard for it to be heard from Nairobi to Kinshasa for example..but w/these universal beats and rythm Fode is using..he's becoming a great ambassador of Mandigua music...

Djaa my people from Kankan Guinea sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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