Sunday, April 20, 2008


Miss Leila this pic

the contrast of prints is wicked

Version Frenchie: Leila est une actrice d'origine Algeriene qui evolue en France. A 24 ans elle a jouer dans plusieurs telefilms et dans le film "Shaytan" ainsi que "Leila " de Alain Tasma..

24 years old, beautiful golden skin tone, long dark curls..mine boudeuse..yep another North African star is on her way... Leila got her big break on the thriller movie "Sheytan", she remenbers going 2 the casting w/ pictures taken at a photo booth , the interview went great and she got the role along great actors such as Vincent Cassel, Monica Belluci ect....
Since then, she's played in many other telefilms : Pour L'Amour de Dieu, Mauvaise Foi, Paris je T'aime
She also had the lead role in the movie Leila by Alain Tasma ..don't know if it's been released or not but be on the look out for it.. She considers herself to be a rather shy person and doesn't like to watch herself on screen...well your fans will do it for u sista:)

Here's the trailer for the movie Shaytan:

Djaa my sistas from Algerie sont dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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