Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sharp ain't it..!
Cool design

Thank u for voting guys..and letting me know which countries u are feels good 2 know that u all come from Mama's African 53 sons & daughters... The current top 5 voters are:
Team Nigeria : 24

Team Senegal : 23 voters

Team Ghana : 17 voters Team Ethiopia &Somalia :11 each
Team Kenya :10 each
Thank u so very much I'm humbled:)

Beninese Aissatou Paraisso created la Maison d'Ai an interior design beautiful shop that celebrates her love for Beninese antiques, masks , embroidery, authentic lamps and vases ect... U can find beautiful bed covers in cotton w/Beninese designs, traditional masks, wooden sculptures, chairs..I fell in love w/the curtains...elegant and subtle...

Def' beautiful stuff..check it out:

Djaa my Beninese people sont dedans interior stylo:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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nywele said...

the designs are amazing!I love them!!
In regards to the is difficult for me to choose a country because I was born in Belgium from Burundian parents and I grew up in Ghana, Senegal, Kenya and also lived in Zimbabwe. I only lived in Burundi when I was 6 years old and left when I was 11. I feel at home in West Africa and if i have to choose between Ghana and Senegal, it will be am representing Africa...