Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Mustapha Mulaka..petit ca va hein!!:)

"They Forgot about us"
"You can't believe everything you learn"

"This Dirt is so Hard to Breathe"

"I can't believe you think that of me"

Mustapha was born in South Africa where he first came up on the local
South African Artsy scene.He moved to Demmark to complement his background in graphic designing w/an independent study in art..

What sets him apart from other African painters is that he doesn't feel the need to show his Africanism solely, he knows who he is , he knows our history
Mustapha paints white, yellow, black people...and emotions...
He uses global pop culture as his stage, every day people as his actors, and shows us a range of emotions.He draws huge portraits w/acrylic and oil on canvas generally..

I think that 1 of the reasons why he's successful with the younger generation who may not be generally into art, is that we all can relate to his paintings, the colors are fresh and vibrant, the clothing is cool, and there's always a message and an explanation provided within the title...

He says that he paints for himself first , I personaly think that's the best way 2 stay authentic as an artist
This 31 years old brother is also the co-founder of the African Hip Hop site

Here are his webbies:

Djaa my SA people are talented:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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