Friday, April 18, 2008


"Just take it back ..when I'm home I don't wanna stress"
Love it!!

Stella was born in Kenya in 1986 and moved w/her family in Norway. In that cold European country she discovered Queen L, Public Enemy and fell in love w/hip hop as an answer to the discrimination she encountered there.

She's been involded w/1 youth local Norway hip hop group called "The Rise" since 1998, they had the biggest honor in 2005 to perform for Nelson Mandela when he came to Norway..

But Stella is not just about "The Rise", she's also a solo hip hop artist who's even been featured on the Save the Last Dance II soundtrack, CSI, the Ghost Whisperer. She's opened up for artists such as Talib K. , Angelique Kidjo-(Mama Africa 2 me),and even her idols -Public Enemy during their tour in Norway.

Her single "Take it Back" has been on heavy rotation on Kenyan airways...I like it , she seems free, confident, strong young...The song's about her going to Kenya , going to see familiar faces and!!
go Stella:)

Here's her webbie:

Here's her video for Take it Back:

Djaa my Kenyan Women sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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