Friday, April 25, 2008


Feels good to blog about this powerful African woman working in 1 of the most controversial fields out there.. controversial in this case because it's said that the land that are used as mines belonged originally to the Bushmen people..This tribe is made of sedentary people who are used to and love their land ,putting them in reserves simply kill them....

Sheila Khama never thought growing up in her village that one day she will be at the head of a Diamond giant company, she started working for a substitary Anglo American Corporation as the Group Secretary for 8 years before moving up to working solely w/ Debeers Botswana. After a break of couple of years where she worked in the banking industry, she came back to Debeers as the
CEO of the company this time ....
Yes'oo as 2Face would say:)

As the Chief Executive Officer she's responsible for the external communication , basically the link , the face of the company in Botswana,
w/the gov, the public and stakeholders...aight sista:)

Sheila and her external affairs team reports to the Group Director for
external and corporate affairs.
Sheila is not the only woman within the group executive team, Debeers seems to be 1 company that hires women in key positions w/no gender discrimination..good thing. One of the things this woman is proud of is the fact that Debeers contributes to the economy of her country, thus helping in building new infrastuctures, new roads, schools ect...

Here's the Botswana Debeers webbie:

If u would like 2 understand a bit more abt the Conflict btw Debeers & the Bushmen, here's an interesting piece:

You be the judge, just wanted to celebrate this woman in the most objective light

Djaa my Sistas from Botswana are more fiyaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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