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The Gabonese/Swiss writer, Bessora
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I heard great things about this book
This may be my next buy

She simply goes by the name of Bessora...
I was at first going to depict as 1 profound Pan-Africanist, which she is doubt, but after viewing her personal webbie, I'm left w/1 person , a real person with emotions ..not just the "writer" her hair is long and flowy, pictures of her wearing feminine skirt, and paintings all over her I'm even more intrigued by this lady...

She was born to 1 Gabonese father and 1 Swiss mother, she's lived almost through every climate, living in Gabon during her youth, she stayed in France, America, South Africa, Belgium..ect
She's the type of person who's not afraid to switch career, she worked in finance ..before realising that her interest was in anthropology...

At 40 years old she's written already 10 books, some of the most famous are those cited above...but her latest book is called
"Et si Dieu me demande dites lui que je dors",
you can find her books on

Her style is said to be corky, funny, yet social conscious, there's always a personage that's dealing w/immigration issues , let it be finding themselves in Europe without the proper paperwork, women that are dealing w/deep personal issues, the choice btw good and bad, racism..ect
Sometimes we get blase, but it's my belief that internationally we need to talk about those issues that we face..

I'm def going to buy 1 of her books, read it myself and give my personal review..
But if you've ever read 1 of her books or heard about her , please share w/us...

Here's her personal webbie:

Also if you live in Europe, she'll be au Salon du livre de Saint Louis en Alsace
from April 25th -April 27th..

Djaa my Women from Gabon are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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