Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I love the Paper Knot cards , they have 1 section they call ethnic baby...where we can find people that look like us:)
http://www.thepaperknot.com thought that was so cute for ur little man , $ 20
http://jonesygoodstuff.com Now this is 1 cool gift for 1 mummy ..w/dry heat in 30 minutes it kills all the germs on ur baby's pacifiers..ect..it's $49.99 not bad hein:) name plaque for ur bebe for $35 , great stuff on the webbie as well http://www.myretrobaby.com I love the colors..so pastel, the set of 3 is $ 50 (great webbie) http://www.polkadotpatch.com great bottle to give medecine to your baby , only $ 13.95 https://www.bebebottles.com/www/medicationBottles.jsp cool baby bottle for $9.99 (they also offer some cool baby and mother to be clothes) http://www.smittenbaby.com cool baby sling , $ 75..they offer other colors..lovely stuff:) http://www.nestbabysling.com

1 of my Best friends is expecting..and I'm so excited and looking out for some cool stuff 2 spoil my future niecey or nephew...and you wouldn't believe the amount of cool webbies are out there for your little ones... I had fun doing this and I am featuring just 1 few of my fav:)

Also this site is banging for the urban modern mummy, great stuff for ur bebes : (have fun) http://www.babygadget.net

Djaa we Fabulafricana Women can take care of our bebes in style:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Sugabelly said...

Hi you guys, I absolutely LOVE this blog! I'm Nigerian, and I know my country has a bad reputation, but there is so much that Nigerian women are doing for themselves and for their country in business, and ... they're doing it well!

I'm nineteen, and last year I established my own clothing company. It's called Barcelagos Clothing Co. and it's a Nigerian t-shirt company whose aim is to bring identity to the millions of Nigerian youths living abroad. Through our culturally-specific t-shirts we connect young Nigerians to home and give them a sense of belonging by allowing them, wherever in the world they may be to express themselves with pride.

Our t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets are Nigerian themed and focus on local knowledge, humor, and colloquialisms.

Here is our website/online store:

The company is only five months old but the response we have gotten has been overwhelming. However, we are new and still struggling for recognition.

I would be beyond honoured if you would consider doing a post/review of our company.

Please let me know if you intend to as I will be happy to supply you with pictures, a bio, and anything else that you might need.


Again, you have a fantastic and most inspirational blog


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

loving it!!! how do you find all this stuff? LOL. I can see Sierra Leone mamas stocking up on this fabulous stuff.

Fafa said...

YAYE!!!!!!!!!Where r u? U've been MIA! Did u get my email? Anyways u.ve been tegged by Linda and I. Biz.