Friday, April 18, 2008


Dan Kamit , Taig Khris, J.A Boumsong, H.Roselmack, united for the end of discrimination in FranceA.Boumsong,Onomo, Dominique Sopo from Togo -leader of SOS Racisme

Co-Founder of the Association, Abad Boumsong

Kitty, the short movie directed by Sebastien Onomo

Sabrina Ouazzani standing up for universal tolerance

One of them is from Cameroun, his name is Abad Boumsong, he's an acclaimed urban poet who wrote a book called "Le Livre du Neant", the other one, Sebastien Onomo is a 21 year old African brotha(couldn't found what country he is from , if anyone knows please share the info) is a movie director, producer and actor, he presented his short movie, Kitty this past march at a French movie festival.

This collectif EPUAR is just too interesting to me, basically how it works is that they got 30 French media players such as, Patrick P.,Harry Roselmack, R&B singer Dan Kamit (u remenber did a post abt the brotha a while back), Lynsha, Les Nubienes,Stomy read on tv spots rhymes taken from the book written by Abad Boumsong.

Their goal is to fight racial and social discriminations, through poetic messages of universal tolerance.

Check out their message for ONE FRANCE /NO DISCRIMINATION:
The EPUAR official webbie is:
The webbie for Abad Boumsong
The webbie for Sebastien Onomo:

Djaaa we gotta support our brothas who fight 2 end discrimination:)

Eyeee Wayee:)

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FYI...Onomo is also from Cameroon.