Sunday, April 06, 2008


I really like this one, something about it really really speaka to me....

I would have 2 agree w/some of the journalists that say that the painter M.Me
kaoui is truly an interesting personage..when I saw his paintings I did expect to see the usual painter that wears it on his sleeves..but no Moustapha Mekaoui looks just like a Wall Street finance man..
All I know abt his personal life is that he was born in Maroc and that he had a pretty decenT childhood , always been facinated by life , people, and through his trips he saw many things of course and many social issues as well that he depicts through his art.
He's well respected in Maroc & Europe, dailleurs in Italy , there's been expo on his work, what I would love 2 get my hand on is his postcards..aparently he designs some....would love 2 get one..

He's a true painter, that paints from the soul and for the soul , not for the money , he paints what he sees, what he thinks, it may look to some rather evident but there's always 1 message..

Here's his webbie:

Djaa my people from Maroc are interesting:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)

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