Monday, April 21, 2008


Version Frenchie: Ubah est originaire de la Somalie, elle est nee au Denmark ou elle s'est decouvert un talent et une passion pour l'ecriture.
Sa musique est tres "peace and love" , douce et surtout sincere. Elle compose ses propres chansons et prepare un nouvel album.

Listening to Ubah, the purity , theinocence, yet realistic view of life makes me want to believe in life, throw the peace sign in the air, hug my friends..she just have a sensitivity to her that's conveyed through her lyrics...interesting sensation mmm...

Ubah was born to Somali parents in Denmark, her family suffered great loss in the Somali conflict that forced them to flee their native land. Ubah never lost a grasp of her African origins which is felt in some of her lyrics. As a child , she was into writing , even wrote as a teen for1 youth magazine.

Here she is years later in America, inspired by artists such as Anie Lenox, Tina Turner, Nas, Roxette she's defining her sound in her own terms..

Here's her site:
Her official fan site:

Djaa my Somali sistas sont dedans :)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


shop liquorice said...

such a striking face! LOVE. off to listen to her stuff.

keep the fabulous posts coming :)


Alli said...

Amazing beautiful voice.....