Sunday, April 20, 2008


Paul Kyegombe, the President of Archtecton

Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles airport- renovation work

Thought that this was way too cool-4 story offices retail and entertainment spaces project

Kraft Food International Office-Interior design
The Hilton Garden Inn Albany
Interior design onf the Hilton Inn
The Tom Bradley International Terminal at LA airport

Residential work
Love the design w/the lamps..very modern

Resume en Francais: Paul Kyegombe est 1 Architecte originaire de l'Ouganda qui reside a Atlanta ou il a ouvert son cabinet d'architecture. Ils sont specialise en building, residence, bureau...l'1 de ses plus grands projets fut la renovation du terminal international de l'aeroport de LA....

Aight on my quest of finding my African people in the architecture world. Architecture in Africa is still under apreciated field in our continent believe it or not.. but if u are interested, there are many African associations out there...
Paul Kyegombe holds both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Architecture from the Uni of Huddersfield UK, he's presently based in the Atlanta GA area but works nationally.

The vision of his firm is to:
"Our vision is to build vibrant and sustainable communities with projects that are practical, exciting, cost effective and environmentally sustainable. Our work will embody the most advanced building technology, demonstrate functional simplicity and respond to your budget and schedule."

I've taken a tour on his webbie and was very impressed w/the work they completed at the International Airport of Los Angeles... Archecton has also worked w/the Hilton in Albany, designed the Kraft Foods International office, they also work w/retail owners... So we've already established that they work w/offices, the hospitality sector ect...but they also offer residential services...

Bref, it's a joy for me everytime I see a brotha or a sista doin wonderful things :)
Here's his official website:

Djaa my Ugandan people are doin their thang:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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