Sunday, April 06, 2008


I think he means it...

What can I say he got from his homeland

Kenna Messieus -Dames hun:)

he said to BBC
hello!!! this statement, ...go brotha...:)

If you haven't guessed , he's from Ethiopia...
so free spirited brotha , not afraid to mix different music styles, a bit of electronic, rock, hip hop,funk,dance no wonder he's worked w/the Neptunes & Marc R.....

He's been on the radar latey in the UK..people are comparing him to
Kanye West..w/his wit, lyrics, nonchalent yet ultra confident demeanor, funk and 1 bit of 1 nerdish vibe..

Hadn't I seen him, I would have thought that he was Caucasian..I love it when people aren't afraid to express their art their way..
I'm currently listening to "Say goodbye to love" I could listen to this while cleaning my house and dancing and singing loud to myself...
yeah allright Kenna feelin u:)

His new album is called "Make sure they see me out there"...he's been out before but for whateva reason well 1 may be that since he didn't appear in some of his videos ..people really couldn't connect to him ..just to his music an ideal world that would have been cool....but people need 2 be able to say ohh Kenna...I know him...

Anywhoo he hasn't been back to Ethiopia yet..but I think he's working on a non profit w/his dad..if I get more info on that I'll share...

But in the meantime if you are in the UK area, check him out on these dates:

4/15/08Concert Birmingham, GBR Academy

4/16/08-Concert London, United Kingdom Islington Academy

His video for Say Goodbye to Love: (lovin it ..singing while typing)

His webbie:

Djaaa my Ethiopian brothas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Vin said...

Love Kenna! If you love the new album, his first album, New Sacered Cow, will rock your world. (BTW, the new album is called MAKE SURE THEY SEE MY FACE!)

Comb & Razor said...

yep... Kenna is that shiznit! both of his albums stay on rotation for me!

Ms. AppleseeD said...

yea, i love this brotha. Im loving this blog too :)