Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've seen Naguib's profile in so many African mags, that I've been meaning to post about him....
Naguib Sawiris comes from a very wealthy family, his father is the founder of Orascom...
On his profile on the Orascom webbie, it's stated that he's been working w/the company since 1979 , 31 years in business waouh...
2day Naguib is worth 10 Billions of Dollars...making him one of the world richest man ...as per Forbes
I read a great interview conducted by CNN on the 53 years old businessman..he strikes me as a confident, w/"don't give up atitude ", strong, focused and centered businessman...
In the same interview, he says that he likes to take risks in business and likes to deal w/difficult situations, he finds it exciting, & challenging..
He explains that the main strategy of their company is to sell services to countries w/high level of populations & low mobile penetration...it works !!! The company counts 90 Millions of customers in the world..Orascom Telecom is present in 7 countries , some in African, in the Middle East,& the Indian subcontinent...
The company is fighting to get other markets like China..but as u imagine China is protected w/laws and regulations...however Naguib is not giving up and hopes to count Chinese people as Orascom suscribers soon.

The Orascom Telecom webbie is:
Here's a great interview on CNN:

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