Monday, April 28, 2008


Sometimes, last year while I was still living in NY, I went to see a fabulous African dance show @ BAM ..many dance companies were showcasing their work..but none came close 2 this Ugandan troupe..I had never seen or heard Ugandan music prior to the event , but I was blown away by the dancers grace and agility...A few of the female dancers were carrying on their heads clay (i think it's clay)vases..sometimes 3 or even more @ the same time while moving their waists and hips so about skills...
They also do abdominal and backbone tricks that will have u screaming...
I simply love this troupe!

The Ndere Troup was started in 1984 , the first day they did 1 show, the Director remenbers that there were only 3 people in attendance..but after 1 show in Europe, people starting hearing about them..and one thing lead to another they were touring all throughout the world... The Ndere Troup's vision is to reunite all Ungandan without tribal discrmination around their art, artists witihin the troupe hail from all parts of Uganda. The tradional music played, reflected the entire Ugandan musical heritage.

Here's the official webbie: Here's an amazing short clip of the woman balancing the pots on their heads: Here's another 1:'

Djaa my Ungandan people sont dedans:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)

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