Thursday, March 29, 2007


Sotigui Kouyate dans toute son elegance

Le Grand Sage in Action

Very Talented Man!

Merci Allah pour ce don...

If you have never seen Sotigui Kouyate in a movie or in a theatrical haven't seen a true African actor @ his best yet.
This man is pure genius, def ' a pioneer of the African Movie Mouvement in West Africa.
His roots are Guinean, but he was born in Mali and spent most of his teens and adult life in Burkina Fasso which he calls home.
Mr Kouyate worked for the goverment before making the transition to acting & dancing at the request of a friend of his.
Acting and perfoming came easy to him...For a few years he tried to balance everything, working from 9-5, playing soccer and training every night..
Success came knocking and asked for an audience in France where he played in Mahabarata in 1989 directed by the great director Peter Brook, from that union was born a great complicite between the 2 men who found in each other a similar human sensibility...Some of you may remenber him also in the movie "La Genese" by Cheikh O. Sissokho as well as "Little Senegal" by Rachid Bouchareb..
Sotigui is also not one to shy away from challenges, in fact he adapted as a director this time, classics such as "Oedipus", "Le Grand Combat" by adding to these classics his own African spin to it..interesting....He also played the great Thierno Bokar in the piece
"Vie et l’Enseignement de Tierno Bokar" written by Amadou H. Ba.(which I missed when he came to NY)

Even though Sotigui lives ib btw 2 continents, he hasn't forgotten the cultural needs of Africa, his sons & him opened in Mali the Mandeka Theater in Mali which gives a voice to those African actors back in Mali who may not be able to evolve internationally , in Burkina he also opened a cultural center...great!!

What I also find great in Sotigui' story is that he was able to pass on his love affair with the Arts to his 2 sons, who evolve as directors , actors & storytellers...I find that wownderful to see a family that is so gifted...Machallah!

If you wanna read more about him, here's an interview of him:

Djaa les Malien-Burkinabe sont dans le chaud aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)


beautyinbaltimore said...

I think I saw Sotigui Kouyate. Did he play the part of a groit who told a young boy the history of his family?

Africainement said...

BIB-yes gal I believe that you were blessed w/Mr Kouyate...:)