Monday, March 05, 2007


The Wedding Dress

Love the colors...a bit much I think but hey wanna be 1 diva for 1 day.....

Laima- I'm so proud of me I had feautured long time ago without knowing that she was doing major work in SA

Love the comb' of pink & purple

Very 1940's love that time fashion wise

I like:)

Nice 2 feel like 1 princess for 1 day

Love the African Prints

Laima once again

Abs' Fierce!!
A bit much for me-but nice

Jo'Burg held its Fashion Week not too long ago, of course 1 of my fav' designer duo were doing the damn thing as usual...Cheryl Arthur & Kathy Page....I've already talked about them in the past...

The brand has been created in1985, still very much so in demand and popular....!!

For more info' , you can give them a call @: 021 465 7511
Oh also their show featured Laima- SA model I've talked about (referr urselves to African Models in the bottom)

Djaa South African Fashion is Fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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