Wednesday, April 04, 2007


*****Feeling "Because of you"

La go Caroline for Vivienne Westwood

Caro' walking the walk for Isrcan D.

Caroline for Ruffo

Lady in Black for Akris

Caroline in btwn shows...chatting on the celly

Caroline for Hamish B.

For those of you who've visted me before, you may remenber the striking Caroline B. who reps for Uganda on the runaway..doing the run-away classy style at 32 years old (I had to do my maths for this 1 again...forgetting that we people born at the end of thr 70's are hitting those 30's )

Well, she's the proof that we can mature beautifully and still do 2 damn thang...ain't that right...My inspiration of 2 day..*

Djaa les gos du Uganda sont mechantee dee :)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Anonymous said...

I hate Models , why they are so skinny
I like a sista that is natural
I am so glad they are trying to ban skins models from runways

beautyinbaltimore said...

I love models. I wish some of them were not so skinny but oh well. I like this sisters look.