Friday, March 09, 2007

WE WILL NEVER FORGET Djibril,Hassing, Fatoumata Soumare as well as Bilaly,Djama,Abudubary, Mahamadou,Bandiougou

The Cars transporting the bodies of the 9 people we lost last week!

Men holding the body of 1 of the deceased!

How sad!

Night Vigil in the Bronx Neighberhood last week!

Women mourning the death of inocent childs but leaving it all to Allah! (that's faith)

Overwhelmed w/grief!

Support of the Islamic & African community in NY!

Dieu est Grand!

Praising Allah no matter how sad they are!

Men praying @ the cemetery!

People started gathering early the morning!

Fatoumata & her late children....!

Mamadou Soumara who lost his whole family , shown above!

I'm sure for most of you who live around New York or the States that you've heard about the tragic death of 9 children and an adult in a fire that was caused by an overheated electrical cord from a space heater. Unfortunately the space heater was close to the bed of 1 of the victim who was sleeping with her 5 year old child.

Just as anybody would have done, she panicked and tried to run outside to warn the rest of the people in total who lived in the house (22 people used to live there). Unfortunately the fire had already taken "de l'ampleur", there was no way out. Unfortunately the phone calls made to the Fire Department came in late, it was too late 2 escape....One of the women tried despertaly to save the lives of her children, and encouraged by some of her neighbours threw her kids by the window besides jumping herself...can you imagine how she must have felt?
The house hosted 2 families, the Soumares and the Magassas, lead by Mamadou Soumara who's a cab driver and who was far away from his family during the tragedy -he lost his wife Fatoumata and his 4 children
Magassa @ the time of the tragedy was also in Mali at the time and lost during the fire 5 of his children from 1 month to 11 year old...

Can you imagine losing the kids that you nursed, loved, cared for , hoped for...???the The funerals were held in the Bronx at the Islamic Mosk...thousands of people showed up...some since early in the morning, people praying in the streets , praising Allah their hearts full of sorrow, not understanding why this had to happen to such young lives but giving thanks Allah and asking HIM to take mercy on them, us ...and showing that unconditional devotion that Allah asks for....

The family of Magassa will be made to rest @ the Muslim Cemetery of NJ while the
family of Soumara will find peace in Bamako Mali..
What touched me about this whole unfortunate ordeal is the Islamic Unity which I'm sure struck a chord with the NY community after 9/ proved that Muslims are not evil, that we are able to love, to care, to be brothers and sisters.......

Anyways here are a few links if you wanna read more about it:


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NIGER1.COM said...

This tragedy in the Bronx happened on my birthday , in that morning i was thinking this will be the best birthday of my life , and that i was going to celebrate like there was no tomorow and that me at a oung age i would have 20 or 30 years to live
but when i learn about the tragedy, It was like a sign to me God was trying to talk to me only he knows when you will die
these kids were under 10 for most of them you will think they had 70 or 80 more years to leave
but instead it happened before they reach 10
just remember "from GOD we come from to Allah we will return "
I hope i will make it to my 90's and more