Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Queen Sibonelo Mngomezulu - A Queen Making a Difference in Swaziland

A Queen Can Also Dress Casually!

King Mswati III

The Reed Dance Ceremony where about 20,000 young women come to give their respect to the Queen Mother.

When Queen LaMbikiza met King Mswati III @ age 16, she knew her life would change drastically. But she also knew that education was something she wanted to pursue; in fact she had dreams of being a lawyer 1 day.

Well it became partly true, when years later she obtained her law degree from the South Africa University, she has yet to practice law because tradionalists in Swaziland are saying nay...but regardless in her own way she tries to fight to put women in her country in a higher regard for themselves first and their men...

She has a long way to go, starting first of all w/her don juan of husband Mswati III who has 13 wives ...... anywhoo when he married some of his wives, them were in their teens (Inkhosikati LaDube the Miss Teen Swaziland that he married in 2005) is just an example among so many...

King Mswati III is being accused by his own people of living a life a pure luxury when his people are dying of Aids and poverty. For his bdays nothing is out of touch he spends thousands & thousands that his country is sure in need of (a lot of our African leaders do that anyways)
Despite all these facts, Queen LaMbikiza tries to fight in her way by creating
charity programs to fight against AIDS, this is her way of saying to her people I didn't forget y'all

She's also the first female royalty to host her own TV SHOW & record a Gospel Album (go girl)

Her detractors accuse of her of trying to get her teenager son to be the next King, but honestly which 1 of the King's wives wouldn't if they could....?!!

Djaa Swazi Women are Courageous & stand up for themselves:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt call her a rebel, id call her a go-getter.

ShonaVixen said...

I agree with Anonymous...she's a go-getter and kudos to her for doing what she's doing!!