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Maitre George Momboye

Members of the George Momboye Compagnie

Go white girl show them what you got!!

People don't realise how tough it is of a job....!!


I know many of us are more comfortable dancing to the tunes of Molare, Youssou Ndour, Koffi Olomide than dancing 2 the sound of drums....

I remenber that back in days, when Local African Hip & Hop was just getting born when the DJ would play the latest Jay Z all my people would be on the dance floor but the minute he switched it some local Hip Hop Sound ,for whatever reason my people would find their way quicky to their seats as if they were being attacked by a foreign mosquitto (don't even deny it)
Anywhoo things have slowly changed today ... I disgress....

Meet George Momboye from Ivory Coast, wonderful , excellent and vibrant choreographer, dancer and leader -founder of the dance troup named accordingly
"La George Momboye Compagnie".

George was born w/the rythm flowing ready to burst,can u believe that @ the age of 13 he was already teaching dance techniques while getting his classes on classic & modern jazz stylo (see a lot of people don't understand that as dancers you have 2 be versatile)

He went on to better himslef w/the creme of the crop -Alvin Ailey, Brigitte Matenzi among others...
He's been living in France since the midst of the nineties where he teaches classes and host dance specatacles. Just to tell you how good he is, the UNESCO trusting him in leading and choreographing his first ever show in honor of late president Houphouet Boigny.....

Since then, L'OREAL,LA POSE, NESTLE & many others. George travells quite often to share his gift of dancing w/other dance lovers. Another cool thing I've learned about him, is that he once dance/directed an opera starting Gerard Depardieu (reknown french actor).

In his shows he mixes both traditional dance, hip hop sometimes , acting of course.....

So many other things 2 say about's his official webbie:

Djahaa les Ivoiriens respectent les traditions:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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