Thursday, March 22, 2007


Marie for those boots sista:)

Marie for LAMB

Marie for L.Scott ...looking good

Marie for Lacoste..doin the boy look

Marie doin' it for De La Renta

Marie for Verrier , so Joan from Girlfriends

Marie for Adam & the dress so sensual without trying

Marie for Lela Rose , love this casual look , nice touch of rose, love the shorts, love the shirt...loove it!!

I've been trying to find out where Marie is from, some people said Senegal but i knew that she just couldn't after a bit of research I'm gonna say Congo, but if someone knows for shizzy, please let 1 sista know..y'all heard:)

Djaa les Femmes Africaines sont just fiyaa :)
Eyee Waye:)

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beautyinbaltimore said...

I like her alot. I may make her an upcoming model of the month. When I first saw her I though she was the 13 year old model nicknamed baby Naomi.