Friday, March 16, 2007


Omar Mukhtar...What A great Man!

When those Stupid Italian Fashists Arrested Him

You can just tell looking @ him that he was a Great Man of God

Everytime I tried blogging about this man..something happens w/my computer, but Im hoping that this time it will be fine...

I am beyond impressed or touched by the courageous life of this man. Omar Mukhtar was born in 1861 in the Village of Janzbour located in Lybia. When the Italians came to conquer his country, he lead his people in a fight against the colonisation..

Yep you know those Europeans thought that our continent was a pie that needed to be eaten by them according to their desires. Well they should have known better when in 1911 they gave an ultimatum to the people of Lybia to either surrender or risk being killed....

Even though most of the people fled , the Italian Army destroyed Tripoli anyways..During that time Omar Mukhtar organised his people in a resistance army, armed w/his great geographical knowledge of the country and his courage , the Lybians were able to win some battles agst/the Italians who didn't understand how simple village people could win against them...

Of course at some point the Italians had the wicked idea to capture women and children in concentration camps to weaken the Lybian resitance movement...of course it did!!:(

But Omar M. never gave up, the Koran teacher by profession stayed strong for almost
20 years before he was caught during 1 battle while injured.

But you know what , nothing can ever stop a
TRUE , SINCERE MAN OF GOD, NOTHING...even while in jail, his jailors couldn't help being impressed by his calm strength..

It is reported that while they hanged them his last words were :
FROM GOD WE COME, AND TO GOD WE WILL RETURN"as said in the Holly Koran

There was a movie based on his life called: "The Lion of the Desert" haven't seen it yet but if you guys can , you should....

I respect this Great Man!

Djaa Lybian Men are Courageous:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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