Monday, March 26, 2007


Djimon & his NAACP Award (go Djimon the suit by the way)

Djimon & his boo Kimora Lee (go ahead gal get u some dark chocolate)

& Now Djimon and Kimora Lee's former hubby

Djimon & Bono
Djimon & Kerry Wash (who needs to stop whatver she's doing 2 her face because she's already gorgeous)

Djimon & the pretty Nia Long (didn't I tell y'all that he was dangerous)

I had to catch up w/our "Mr Debonaire "I call Djimon...this guy is very dangerous moves slowly but surely...mmm , he's currently dating Miss Kimora Lee (proprio of Baby Phat) ex femme (wifey) of Russell Simons...

But seriously, he won the NAACP Award for best supporting actor ...great..

He's also going to be the face of Calvin Klein!
We're happy for you :)
Djaa les Beninois sont fierce dans Hollywood:)
Eyee Wayee:)

1 comment:

NIGER1.COM said...

Are you serious is DJIMON trying to steal Simmons girlfriend
Diop going to the NBA finals
A NIGERIAN Nfl player for the Chicago bears i S NOW DATING Sanaa Lathan
10 years I could never believe a little guy born in Cotonou benin or in Lagos Nigeria
can date such superstars