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Movie Poster looks great!

Naky S. Savane lead role, such a beautiful woman

Fanta R. Nacro

Movie Scene!

Le Burkina...Le Burkina (*big up a tous les anciens adeptes du Kili)

Mrs Fanta Regine Nacro is by far the N0.1 female director of her country, the Burkina Fasso.

Influenced as a teenager by her father's great love for the movies, after completion of high school, Fanta went on to study film directing at the prestigious INAFEC of Ouagadougou.

After further studies in France, she moved back to Ouaga where she became the first Burkinabe woman to work on 2 film "Yam Daabo" directed by Idrissa Ouedrago.

In 1992, a star director was born, Fanta tried her hand on her first short film .
"Un Certain Matin" which received an Award. This success was followed by many others, but we'll remenber her masterpiece "Le Truc de Konate" (a piece she made on the topic of AIDS to bring awareness to the rural population).
Couple of years ago, she was finally able to direct her first feature film
"La Nuit de la Verite" ...I really wanna see this piece it's about two ethnical groups who in the space of 1 night come face to face to either forgive one another atrocities, misunderstanding, suffering ect..or dive further into hate & madeness.

I love the fact that she uses metaphors to illustrate this unfortunate
African Society plague & flaw...(through the character of the mother of the son of 1 of the 2 kings who are fighting for superficial ethnical superority)......interesting...interesting!!

Fanta also owns her own production company ...(that's what I am talking about--the liberty to take some of your decisions ...important) called "Les Films du Defi"!!

Anywhoo wanna more about her:

Djaa les Femmes du Fasso sont Talentueuse:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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