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Another Scene of the Play

Mr Kangni Alem

It's when I come across people like him , who keep challenging themselves all the time that I wonder HOW DO THEY DO IT?
Mr.Kangni Alem is 1 of those people who can multi-task , he's a novel writter, a dramatist, a professor, a translator he translated from English to French the publications by the nigerian writter Ken Saro-Wiwa.

No need to say it, you already have figured out by now that he received couple of Awards such as the" Grand Prix Tchicaya U’Tamsi " by the Concours Théâtral Interafricain for his theatrical efforts as well & another award in 2003 for his novel Coca Cola Jazz.....

He's written 11 novels and his latest 1 which was published in 2006 is called :

"Un rêve d’Albatros".

1 of his pieces "Atterissage" has been turned into a play -in fact those of you who live in Paris could go see it until end of April I believe.
It's about 2 teenagers from Guinea who die tragically after boarding illegaly a plane, it's also about the symbolic letter that is found on 1 them addressing the European leaders about the need of help for African children who are not born in the right financial conditions.(interesting no)

Anyways I'll let you read the man himself-yeah he's a fellow blogger (yeahh)

Djaa My Togolese people don't play:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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