Monday, March 19, 2007


Kanya King!

The mind behind the MOBO AWARDS

Looking Casually Chic @ her Awards..must be a great feeling! nice 2 see 1 of us realizing her dreams.

Kanya who is half Ghanian & half Irish, grew up in the UK. When she lost her daddy at the age of 13, she took a very mature approach for her age by getting any kind of jobs to pay her education fees.(worked @ a bakery, she created her own promotion business passing out flyers)
Anywhoo w/the experience she built over the years, she was offered a position @
Carlton Television as a Senior Researcher for the Chrystal Rose Show...
Seeing the lack of black Artists represented @ Awards shows she had the bold idea to create an Award show that would recognise the talents of our black peeps...Of couse it wasn't easy task being that $$ was needed, she decided to re-mortgag her hizzy..that's how dedicated she was.....!!

The first MOBO Awards were broadcasted in's been 11 years and it's going stronger and stronger...even American Artists are honored to be's a prestigious Award.. !!

Not only does Kanya has an eye for business, she's also a humanitarian, she works w/such non profit organisations as the Home Task Force (which help disavantaged youth)

Oh and 1 last impressive thing, Kanya was once invited by the Queen for a lunch which celebrates amazing women such as the author JK Rowling (Harry Potter writter) about that:)

Anywhoo , I am proud to see an African sista doing great things @ such a high level!!
Djahaa Ghanian Women are Fierce:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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