Monday, March 05, 2007


The Beautiful Hauwa Ibrahim

In 2002,with Amina and her child during the case

Hauwa Ibrahim @ a Muslim Conference

Even if her name doesn't ring a bell to you, I'm sure that you all remenber the sad story of a Nigerian sista by the name of Amina Lawal who was accused in 2002 of adultry and was to be stoned to death under Sharia Law.

Well the woman who saved her life, is the incredible Mrs Hauwa Ibrahim who stood strong and determined in front of all .

It wasn't easy because as you may all guess she received countless death threats on a daily basis, but you can always count on some of us women to stand for justice...

And of course knowing and excelling in her profession as a lawyer Hauwa didn't fail us.

While defending Amina, she proved that the Sharia law were required by the LAW to respect the procedural rights installed by the Nigerian constitution.(way to go Hauwa)

But that's not all this woman is "Bananas"as Ashanti would say (where's she anyways?)

At the time when the Amina case took place, Huawa was already working as a lawyer at her own firm that she founded. She was also a busy mother of 2 children.

She recalls her childhood as being challenging because her parents didn't have the financial means to assure her an education, so she had to work very early in her life to help save for her future studies.
But all of that work paid off, because she went on to work and study at prestigious academic insitutions such as American University. In 2005 , she was honored with the 2005 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in Strasbourg.

That same year she also became a World Yale University Fellow...

I was also surprised to learn that she is considered a Queen (seriously )in her village of Hinnah, meaning that every time she comes in and out of her country she has to report to her village....

Today she is currently a visiting professor at the Saint Louis University School of Law (lucky students)

Djaa naja Women are unstopable:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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