Monday, March 05, 2007


An Mc in a Suit...but still a Lady!

Simple & Classy

Kayna Samet!

Beautiful Complexion!

This beautiful 27 year old songstress/rap artist was born in Nice France of Algerian parents.
She had the typical childhood of divorced parents w/a strong musical influence.
She sarted her music carrer as a chorist in various local bands and a rap artist.
Times were hard for her to fit in, so she decided to take a step back, make a little bit of dinero to be able to come back stronger....
Things were going very slowly, until she received a phone call from rap icon Akhenaton who was requesting her talents for a compil...that din't happen but she gained exposure from it.

She met following that event, the R&B crooner Matt who will give her a chance to stardom by asking her to play 2 firt part of his concerts w/another female MC ,Diams.(very popular actually)
She will later on focus during 3 years on writting her first album, in the meantime she meets another male MC who is her yang nome Booba!

They did a featuring called"La Blazee de la life" which did very very well....

Kayna is raw, always sincere in her lyrics..

She speaks her truth and the one of other North African immigrants, their struggles..., her at time confused marriage w/her Arabic origins & a Hostile French society.
Anywhoo , for those of you intrigued, here's her webbie:

Djaa Algerian Women are Fierce:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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