Friday, March 09, 2007


My new crush Neutrogina lip gloss w/an icy feel and great gloss, $7

My fav' nightime gloss brand MAC not in this colour MAC got the bom lipgloss, $14

Cargo Ligloss great shine but you def' need a balm before it gets sticky, still very nice thu $24

Wonderful for everyday use, and it lasts forever $ 7

Bioterm lip gloss, moisturising & glossy, $11

Very very good for chapped lips
Bath & Body always have nice lipgloss 5$ 1 for each bag you

Add some shiny prestige on your lips, you are worth it, Chanel $ 25

Cute & Yummy Fruit Jars which could be a nice fuity treat for your lips, $ 17.50

Nars has that sexy finish, 23$

We are famous in the world for having ultra full, shekshay lips (just ask our men)
I know my men won't deny that we are the
most Feminine Women in the world..period

It's not our fault , it's in our genetic

We as African Women love to take care of ourselves, smell good, look good even if we have 2 go to the corner store, or lounge in our homes, everything has 2 be correct....

Here are a few lipgloss that can help you achieve the:
"I was just born w/these shiny and well defined lips"

Any African Diva knows that she always carry w/u in your little bags, lip balms , Rosebud Salve is excellent, it gives you great moisturise during th day...cos you know it just ain't cute to have ashy lips, just like that fine brotha who comes over to talk 2 u and u get so disappointed when you see those white lips on the chocolate brotha, just not 1 good look (what a shame

Also if you are suffering from chapped lips (don't you hate that feeling feel like everyone around is starring....) it's medically advised to use Blitex ( the drugstore...excellent for the lips , heals them quickly while you keep your shine on)

Djaa We As African Women Know How to Preserve our SEXY:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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