Monday, March 19, 2007


Amazing Balance!

Pierre Wome!

Football Players or Dancers on the Soccer Field

N'essaie pas de voler ma balle o''!!

'Xuse Me Sir Who It Be: Pierre Wome
'Xuse Me Sir How old Is You: 28 years young
'Xuse Me Sir Where Are u Reppin: Cameroun Baby
'Xuse Me Sir What do you do: Use my Feet on the Soccer Field for Bundesliga
'Xuse Me Sir Whare are you remenbered for : Missing the penalty in 2005 against Egypt during the eliminations for the FIFA.- which would have allowed us to play in 2006.
For my defense even Etto didn't want to do as well as the captain of my team.. & I even received death threats from angry fans...

Side Note: I'm sorry but dude it aint that serious,why were they giving him such a hard time...waouh! I say give him a break...

Djaaa Il y'a des lions Indomptable au Cameroun:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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