Tuesday, February 26, 2008


From afar it looks her eyes..but peep closer


Interesting vision


Monica Belluci by Eric Traore

It's nice 2 see someone of African origins doin the dam thang w/photo editorial work

He's serious

Man so mad I've been searching like crazy for a biography of this photographer..Nada!! even on his webbie..mannn yo we African peeps may want 2 know a bit about u Sir Traore:)
All that I was able to come up w/it , is that he may be from Mali (please correct me if I am wrong) He's 1 tooppp toopp (Tyra says it best ..lol) Fashion photograper, working w/the creme of creme of Fashion designers, let's see: Elle, German Vogue, Editioral shots of Monica Belluci, progressive mag' that I dig a lot Trace, ect..he's doin his thang...

So please Mr Eric Traore, write 1 bit about ur journey it could inspire some of our African peeps who may be interested into photography:)

Here's his webbie:

Djaa my Guyz from Mali are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


African girl, American world said...

Hey gurl *waving*. How is everything? I still love coming over here and learning something new from you :)

Comb & Razor said...

love his work... you have posted the FIERCE pics he took of the lovely Mlle. Fatou N'Diaye for TRACE a few years ago, though!

(uhh... did i just use the word "FIERCE"?)

missbruno said...

Love these pics of Eric Traore's work. Very creative! I do have to check on his Bio and find out more about his work. Thanks for the post :)