Saturday, February 16, 2008


Very weird..ever since I've been back home I've heard aunts, women of a certain age complain about arthritis, pains in their legs, in their backs..I even heard women joking about that I'm becoming 1 health-addict I wanted to find more about it and also let you Fabulafricana women to be aware...come to find out there are different types of arthritis.....waouh but the most common is called osteoarthritis...
The crazy thing is that no one is truly sure what causes Arthritis...(scary right)

Some of the symptoms are:
-pain associated w/the joints..yes a lot of women complain of extreme pain in their legs ect..even if they move just a bit..
-and a certain stiffness in your joints as well
-Chronic pain..may God help us...ouhhh:(

Since it's so hard to detect arthritis, the minute u start having a lot of pain in your joints u should get yourself checked...

There's no miracle cure but there are ways out there to manage w/the pain etc...

that's why for us who are still young we should all try to be as healthy as we can, exercice, eat our fruits and vegies ect...

For those living w/this disease it is advised is suprisingly:
-to be positive and accept one's condition first
-Know one's body and avoid the body positions that are hurtful
-def' conrol one's body weight (practice aerobics for exple)
-also it is suggested to take hot baths to relax one's body , for exple taking a warm bottle of water wrapped under 1 towel and putting in on 1's leg..anything help
-really try to get enough sleep

Anywhoo I've learned a lot on this great website: (def' recomend it the info is well explained ) ( a lot of info on the various types of arthritis) (another webbie abt the # types of medication)

Djaaaa we Fabulafricana Women should be more aware about Arthritis:)
Eyeeeee Wayeeee:)

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