Sunday, February 17, 2008


Oh such a great read..the life of Tsippora the wife of the Prohet's so well written by Marek Halter who wrote a few books honoring women such as
Mary, Sarah..ect.

In the book just as in the Bible has it, after Moses left Egypt after having killed an Egyptian supervisor, he found refuge in Madian where he met Tsippora , who's also known as Sephora..

She's a Koushite (a woman w/dark skin) it's said that the Koushites may be from Ethiopia..

Anyways going back to the book, it's well written tells the story of Moses, how at first he didn't believe that one day he would save his people Tsippora was patient and gave her herself entirely, believed in him , believed in God, kept her husband Moise going, sacrificed her life for him...Moses faced countless obstacles, but as he says she was his strength , his heart..

They had 2 sons, Geurshom & Eliezer who got stomped on by the people when Moses was returning from Mont Sinai..ouhhh at that point I stopped reading the book , and starting thinking how Tsippora's faith must have been really great for God....can u imagine going through what she has gone through, raising 2 sons and having taking away at the same time..chooooo...:(

Anywhoo it's 1 great read no matter what your faith is...I'm def' becoming a fan of the writer Marek Halter...anywhoo there are so much to share about this book but truly I admire Tsippora's patiente, faith, but truly I am wondering where it came from ..for her man...waouh.

I am also touched by the sensiblity of Moise who was not afraid to share his doubts about his own power and destiny..bref it's 1 great book!!

Here's 1 little reportage about Mont Sinai (I'm really interested now)

Djaa we need to know more about women such as Tsippora:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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