Thursday, February 07, 2008


Jasmine scent

Fig Apricot..gnam gnam

I love this different..Iused it w/Carol's daughter butter cream

Sake anybody?

Laurence Dumont collection

mmmm I love wearing this 1

Another good 1

***Yo discover this Namibian brotha "The Dog" in this song "she's my girl"
love the beat, makes me wanna move kwaito style:

I know..we all claim that Vday is overrated but somewhere deep down ..we all linger for that romantic feeling..a words of love..ect...

Just before I left NY I found this amazing ..amazing line of eau de toilette called "FRESH" a bit on the expensive side..but once you smell it..u'll understand why..touches of Jasmine, green tea,bermagot, lemon, sake, sugar

My gal Passyna (wuzz up mama) & I went crazy...I'm sure the peeps of Sephora were like who are these fools...the 1 i went crazy for was the "lemon sugar" , the "Fig Apricot"& the "Bergamot Citrus"..the big "flacon" cost 75$ ..I know but u won't regret it...
they have soap, skincare ect.....
If u live in NY , their flagstore is by Union Square (they act kinda chihifoufou though..warning)
For those of you who are vanilla fans, there's also this cheap line by
Laurence Dumont that they also sell at Sephora ...the 1 I'm using now is
"vanilla ginger", "vanilla creme brule" mix it w/other light eau de toilette..2 create my signature scent...

Drive them crazy ladies while feelin feminine..anywhoo u know that my African brothas can't resist a bit of sugar lol....chuttttt this is our lil secret fabulafrican women:)

Here are the webbies:

Aight Fabulafricana Women get'em sweetement :)
Eyeeee Wayeee:)

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