Monday, February 04, 2008


I love talking about courageous women such as Mmatshilo who use their lives to help other.

Motsei started the non profit organization ADAPT which main objective is to sensibilize South African people about the psychological causes and consequences of domestic violence on women.
What I found interesting about their campaign is that they offer counselling to men/abusers, in order for them to understand themselves better, find out what triggers this violence in them.

They also offer mentorship to young boyz by responsible adults which could give them guidance as far as how to treat women...etc..etc...

ADAPT also teaches professional heath care peeps into how 2 handle women who suffer from male violence.

South Africa is a country where rapes are current, the intervention of the police scarce...Motsei was 1 nurse before she started ADAPT, the aha moment for her happened 1 night when she saw 1 young woman coming to the hospital, bleeding heavily..this is when she started to decide that this had 2 stop..

Pic courtesy of SAphotobook

She has worked w/the government advising and lobying for the proper policies...she's 1 woman of words and actions..I admire that!

Djaa my South African women know how to stand up for themselves:)
Eyeeee Wayeee:)

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