Saturday, February 16, 2008


Miss Omotola dans toute sa forme & ses formes:)

Looking like a diva....

Dancing the salsa for the Nigerian celebrity dance those shoes O.:)

Omotola along the side of Madame the President of Sierra Leone , Ellen Johnson

Aight gal ...mother of 4 did u say:)

Omotola in Sierra Leone as an UN Ambassador

I know..I know..u probably wondering for those of u who are Nollywood fans why did I take so long to pay her but anywhoo it's never too late right...
Did u know that Omotola has acted in 250 movies...waouh and that's work ..y'all know how long those captivating naija movies
She started her career as 1 model, then went on to start in her first movie in 1995 "Venon of Justice"..i know we all have 1 fav' Omotola Ekeinde's movie but mine is "Blood Sisters" along the side of Genevieve N...I'm not even gonna start naming all her movies..because u'll still be reading but she has win over
20 Nigerian and International awards..

She's an ambassador w/the UN, a role that she takes quite seriously w/her trips within Liberia & Sierra Leone. She's married 2 a pilot and has 4 children..from looking at her i would have never guessed that...she's 1 singer, and directs 1
non profit org' for youth empowerement...quite a busy lady this Omotola...:)

Now that the ban is off,(her and notable Naija actors were not allowed to play movies in Nigeria after it was discovered that they were paid huge amount of $$ by producers)..not to play devil's advocate..but that's was to be expected...anywhooo she's part of a show called

" TV Show Celebrity Takes 2 ", the nigerian version of "Dancing w/the Stars" djeee my Naija people don't
I personally like her better in movies but here's 1 music video by Omotola:

Here's her webbie:

Djaa my Nigerian sistas are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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nneoma said...

Up up Omo Sexy! She is a greaaaat actress, though I have not seen any of her latest stuff. She has talent like no other - she can play a number of roles convincingly.