Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Asalfo du Magic System saying I do in 2007

Zinedine & wifey Veronique

Ozwald & wifey

Ozwald & children

Mr & Mrs Thandie N.

Thandy N & her hubby

Seal & Heidi

Goofin around

Iman & David Bowie

Iman & David Bowie part 2

Nelson Mandela & Graca Machel ..have so much respect for this couple

Barack Obama & wifey

June Sarpong from Ghana & boo

June Sarpong and boo part 2

Corneille and wifey

Corneille & Wifey enjoying their day

Liya & boo (correct me if im wrong plizz)

Liya and daughter

My fav' pic of the 2 of them ..they seem so in tune w/each other

they look great together

Mr Hounsou reppin for Benin all day all night

Dinner night

Samuel Etto & galfriend , Cameroun represent

South African Charlize Theron & her boo

Boris and wifey

Boris & Nicole take 2

Boris & Nicole take 3

1 rare view of Rama Yade & her hubby stading next to her

Et we celebrate's nice some famous African peeps doin' it couple style...I have never sene a pic of Akon & Mrs..if someone has 1 pic , please send ..i would love to see his better half..I wasn't able to gather as many pics as I would have liked..but here a few of the Wek, Gelila, Liyah, Ozwald, Corneille, June...etc..wishing them the very best:)

Djaa my African celebs repp' couple stylo:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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